Friday, June 20, 2014 11:00 PM
It's always the exact same thing. It comes right where she lets her guard down and feels real complacent, lax and unthreatened. Just when she feels confident that it's worth taking the risk for and asks herself the last time she has let life be. She tried. She gave in. Not realizing how much trouble and burden it could cause, she let life be. Not withstanding the painstaking and tormenting situation she may get herself engulfed with, she let life be. Just for the slightest sheer of feeling, she let life be.

The lonesome soul that had been kept lurking had a firm grasp of the reality that once had been infront of her. There's nothing left to lose but enjoy what she has of now. She never felt more alive in years, thinking this time it could be right. That maybe this time, it could've ended differently. Or maybe, it was never really meant to end. And for a glimpse of bliss, she was willing to take a chance of getting herself hurt again.

She knew it could happen all along and life had taken its toll on her just again. Her trust issues and insecurities grew further. You know you could not blame her. I bet she had gone through the same shit more than anyone else in this life over and over. Making it just so impossible to understand why other people get the hang of it. Why others get to enjoy and live by it. Why for others it could be real. And just why, for her, it's always the exact same thing.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 11:02 AM

Working for a bank could be real shitty. Exasperatingly lethargic. Gruesomely exhausting. Immensely demanding. No fixed lunch breaks. Excessive overtimes. Voluminous transactions. and what not. Anything and everything that would drive you to just give up and die. But having yourself with the right circle of people changes and saves everything.

T'was just a weekend ago when I was asked to report for a Saturday work with these people. Who the hell here wants to sacrifice one of his/her weekend offs for work?! I'm hearing a unanimous NONE! But for brilliant people like us, of course we didn't let the weekend be consumed by work. Instead, we grabbed the slightest distress and turned it into a perfect opportunity to go out, enjoy new friends and just have fun.

Just grateful to have met these beautiful people. And just as they say, true friends are rare finds.
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Sunday, March 30, 2014 8:49 PM
It's beyond frustrating to love photography when you can't make the most out of your DSLR. I make use of a Nikon D3200 with its basic kit lens 18-55mm. I tried capturing images by it but they all turned out as if they were only taken from a digicam. What a sore loser I am. Then I got to browse the list of blogs I previously follow when I was at the peak of managing this site, which I'm currently in the process of reviving now, and got to visit Kryz Uy's site ThirstyThought. For all we know, Kryz Uy's part of the renowned fashion clan in the country. The cousin of famous stylist Liz Uy and uprising artist Lauren Uy. She is fashion itself. Whatever she wears, she nails it. And I bet no one else ever could.

What is fashion without color.. without volume.. without story.. Her style is made more appealing to every reader by the superb camera they use that captures the vividness of every present color, the sharpness of every detail, the depth of every field, the tones and highlights of the subject and the perfect bokeh of its background. So what's not to love about her site? Clearly, NOTHING. It's even kinda addicting on my part that it drives me to shoot relentlessly until I perfect the craft.

Thus, I'd leave you guys the link to her site.
Go visit and realize I make perfect sense.
Thirsty Thought by Kryz Uy

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Saturday, March 29, 2014 9:15 AM

When was the last time I've ever had a selfie? I guess somehow I've already forgotten how to until I woke up today. I felt starting the day happy.

I wasn't home till 4am. I was at a good friend's house. We we're all so sorry he had to be part of the mandatory rotation which is sorely part of a banker's life. By Monday, he would already be reporting to a different branch. Glad for him, he's more than lucky to have finally escaped the grueling world of the current branch I'm in.

Our close group of friends stormed his house. Drinks and snacks poured in. So as with stories, nostalgia and the dumbest jokes that kept us alive at the darkest hours of dusk. I'm grateful to have met these awesome people. They make life far easier to bear. I know I could battle all the hardships that may come knowing these people would always have my back and would follow me through.
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Friday, March 28, 2014 6:26 PM
And just when people around you ask if you do experience having second thoughts of completely leaving your current company behind, you start growing such anxieties. Took another leave today and went back to the head office of the company I'm currently applying for thinking after being able to pass all the pre-employment requirements I'd already be advised to submit resignation to my current company and immediately be given a certain hiring date. Yet I was all wrong. And honestly, I'm starting to get tired and just losing interest with it.

I've had a recruitment specialist accept all the documents they required from me. He also had me fill up several forms including the atm payroll account they need to open from where they would credit my salary. It was kinda dumb though and rather unnecessary for I was asked to still wait for the call of one of their specialists who is assigned for the verification of all the data I've presented to them since day one. Besides, they're still on the process of doing criminal investigation hand in hand with all the other background investigations they could ever think of. Thought things were going smoothly for me when they only had me to be interviewed twice and I felt like it was just that easy for me to get in when in reality, it's just not. They gave me like a tentative hiring date which was a couple of months from now. May 15. And for as long as I dont receive any call, I have nothing more than a pending application with them. That just sucks!

Could they be any more serious with me. They're asking me to accomplish a lot of things. Had me to prepare all the hiring documents they need when they couldn't even give me any assurance that they'd still hire me. This is bullshit. I so thought they were better than this.
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Saturday, March 15, 2014 5:00 PM
Just 2 days. Im gone. And they have no idea im no longer within their command. I only took the risk and grabbed the slightest chance, and there i was.. a girl just about to start anew for a different company. And everything else would just be a memory.

I never hoped for me to get in. I only wished i could free myself from such agonizing scenario. On contrary, I wasnt sure of myself. I knew if I chose to go, i would do it all the way down up. I had to be ready for drastic changes. Salary wise. But i thought, it was okay to lose some on the hope of reaping career growth, better management and sufficient compensation. Besides, it thrills me to walk into a new home and get to experience a new way of life. As if my soul is being renewed. For maybe, in deepest part of my heart, I knew I deserve better.

I didnt perceive this year to bring me such uncertainty with regards to my career. It's not like I planned it. It just happened. I felt like everything's just falling apart. Not sure of what's in there yet for me. Everyday grew more crucial as if you have it on purpose so you'd just end giving up. If only I may defend myself, I tried my best to shake that idea off. I tried to live and breathe the goofs, pranks and mischievous antics I share with my good friends at the office and let it bring back the zest I lack of work, but I realized it was far too shallow to cover up the whole truth. There's something wrong. I just dont know where and what exactly. But if people chose to leave, it's definitely not by chance. Not by impulse. It's deeply rooted with will and by heart.

I frankly dont regret giving into their invitation. For acing their sets of exams and for having them to appreciate and consider me during the interview. Most importantly, I dont regret having to meet the South Luzon 2 Region head on the second day. It was the greatest affirmation of my self worth in years. I felt I am very desirable, bankable and that I have everything that it takes to be part of a bigger company. I really wasnt sure of myself then, but they sure brought the confidence back in me.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011 7:00 AM
i nearly forgotten this blog has even existed. haha! but guess what, this brat is finally back and promises to keep you all posted. **again** so how's everyone doing? wish y'all are at the prime of your careers, lovelife or whatever endeavors you've whole-heartedly embarked on. just for heads up, i've already signed a contract and been legally intertwined with a prestigious bank, United Coconut Planters Bank last December 2010 and had been fortunately regularized last Wednesday, June 2011. and the journey continues..

have my plans all laid out. all waiting for their time to actualize and transpire. if anything, i'm up to reap the fruits of hardwork and be triumphantly successful in my field. building and empowering such self-worth. thus, unceasingly making my dad all proud :)

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Friday, September 17, 2010 8:54 AM
I have every single reason to be devastated with how my life is goin' right now but this just makes me feel otherwise. I wish I never would've waken up from this really peculiar dream I just enjoyed last night. Absurd, odd or whatever you may wanna call it but somehow it made me realize the realm of my dreams is still worth going to bed for.

I seriously got no idea how this even came up. I never thought of this particular person before bouncing to sleep and i'm not even subconsciously thinking about him so why the heck?! Still i'm perfectly glad he played an awesome part in my dream.

So just to quench your inquisitive thirst, i'm now gonna go unveil who this blind item is. The guy that just popped out of nowhere in my dream was the fuckin' hot blood-sucking, heart-pounding, nerve-wracking, brain-whacking vampire DAMON SALVATORE!!! This is insane! Haha! Well I know I am but in a real preposterous way. I perfectly regret how I seem to just fail in everything that I get myself into. With relationships to be exact but this just won me over. In my dream he played as my significant half and i was just effin' lucky than I could ever get or imagine! I seriously think we got to play the scene of Katherine and him on the Salvatore's doin' their thing only that my scene was freakin' better. Bwahahahahah! WE WERE EFFIN' IN LOVE!!! <3333 I'll leave every detail for you to just imagine. *evil grin*

This makes IAN SOMERHALDER my biggest celebrity crush <333

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Sunday, August 22, 2010 5:11 PM
Memories make up most of our lives. May they be simple things you want to linger and relive or excruciating heartbreaks you try to suppress all your might as though they never did really happen. It's what shapes us to becoming who we are now. We may not get to realize these simple thoughts then all we knew was things do happen all for the better.

Nothing lasts forever. We live in a dynamic, unpredictable and uncertain world. We don't get to control every scenery that we have to face in this life for everything's just inhumanly inevitable. Things come and happen as they are and we're left with no choice but to take and accept them as they are. It's just the way it is. It has always been and will forever be.

Happy memories are the ones that we cherish. We no longer need to force ourselves into it. Thus, it just comes but naturally. I believe we all wished it could've lasted a little longer. And neither one of us would've wanted it to end. But who are we to decide how things would fall and turn out. We are just but those chess pawns that are moved by the hands of life. Things may not all pan out as planned nevertheless we just need to brace ourselves and keep our heads in the game to somewhat work things out in our favor.

Heartaches are the gravest and the worst baggages ever to deal with. These are those bittersweet memories that once in their own time had been able to make us wear that smile for a while as those sweet moments lasted till they already dumped their real purpose which was to make us realize the essence of tears and cries. We tend to pull these instances far beyond the sight and knowledge of everyone else. We try to suppress it all our might thinking it'll make them all disappear. On the contrary, they just wont. They never will. They always make us remember how easy it is to get hurt. That not every smile and laugh would breathe an eternity of ecstasy. That by happiness we surrender ourselves and put them at stake without any assurance of still attaining victory in the end.

These are just but realities of life. The science that we all live by. There are no shortcuts that even those who have lived before us had ever discovered. We grow old and die but life would always stay as it is. So brace yourself and just let the wind blow you to where you are supposed to be heading. Carry on and try to enjoy the journey as much as you could. Carry on and do things not for anyone else but yourself. By so you would never have any regrets.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 10:02 AM
Ha. I could barely remember the last time i wrote here so i'm gonna be all out updating. So how has everybody been going? I missed my dear old friends here in the likes of kryk, krish and a whole lot more.

If you guys were wondering where i've been for the past months of not being able to get on here, i'm gonna be more than ecstatic to let you know that i've been hooked and got too engrossed with Plurk. It's been really addictive, especially the karma factor you've got to keep moving up and the great cluster of people you'd get to know, hangout and just chill the rest of the day with. If you guys have any plurk account then feel free to add me up.

Plurk may be fun but it also has a share of those down sides. Being on it for more than half a year now, i could attest to some of these facts:
Fakers and posers are rampant. Yes i may have said earlier that there's a great deal of people on here but on the other hand there are also some bunch of losers who'd just want to tick everyone off and pull off their dirty hoax to anyone. Like they're gonna get an account and pretend to be someone whom they really aren't. Grab and steal those photos from someone and pose as thought they were really those people on the photo.
Hypocrites and bitches are out on the loose.
This is immensely common in the nature of plurk. Like someone would go and add you up just for the sake of getting people on their friends or fans list. They won't freakin' care about you at all, they're just after the karma boost. Oftentimes, they'd even frankly ask for it. Like out of the blue they'd go comment on your plurk and ask you to flood theirs so they'd get that karma increase they are just after. And everytime that incident happens, i never think twice but BLOCK that particular user.
Haters. You really can't please everybody nor could you give everyone else a great impression. That's just but normal. But to get people you dont even know to swarm you and get at you upfront when you haven't even talked to them even once is just preposterous! Some people are just good at turning everyone else against someone. And when that happens, pandemonium starts! And i had my own share of that. Emphatic it's finally OVER.

So are you still gonna try plurk?! Haha. This aint no false advertisement. Just thinkin' out loud.
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