Friday, June 20, 2014 11:00 PM
It's always the exact same thing. It comes right where she lets her guard down and feels real complacent, lax and unthreatened. Just when she feels confident that it's worth taking the risk for and asks herself the last time she has let life be. She tried. She gave in. Not realizing how much trouble and burden it could cause, she let life be. Not withstanding the painstaking and tormenting situation she may get herself engulfed with, she let life be. Just for the slightest sheer of feeling, she let life be.

The lonesome soul that had been kept lurking had a firm grasp of the reality that once had been infront of her. There's nothing left to lose but enjoy what she has of now. She never felt more alive in years, thinking this time it could be right. That maybe this time, it could've ended differently. Or maybe, it was never really meant to end. And for a glimpse of bliss, she was willing to take a chance of getting herself hurt again.

She knew it could happen all along and life had taken its toll on her just again. Her trust issues and insecurities grew further. You know you could not blame her. I bet she had gone through the same shit more than anyone else in this life over and over. Making it just so impossible to understand why other people get the hang of it. Why others get to enjoy and live by it. Why for others it could be real. And just why, for her, it's always the exact same thing.
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